How Effective Is Marijuana In Treating Dystonia

Humans have harnessed the medicinal effects of marijuana for about 4,500 years. There are numerous medical uses for cannabis. It is used to alleviate the pain and symptoms associated with a large number of conditions. One such condition is Dystonia. The Dystonia condition, where the patients suffer from involuntary muscle spasms is effectively treated by the use of Marijuana. Dystonia is a disorder caused by severe neurological movement. Because of these movements, the patients who suffer from this disorder are forced to take awkward positions.

Even though there are numerous forms of treatment for Dystonia, many patients do not find comfort in them and these traditional drugs may not help them to alleviate the pain. Now, here comes the role of cannabis.

The various studies on cannabis have led to the findings that the drug helps to alleviate the symptoms of dystonia by its analgesic, anti-emetic and appetite stimulant properties. The cannabinoids in marijuana give them these properties. In addition to this, marijuana helps to fight the spontaneous movements associated with this condition with their anti-spasmodic properties.

Even though the marijuana properties in fighting dystonia are evident, there have been no effective measures to administer the drug to the patients. This is because most people smoke marijuana and smoking marijuana could, in turn, lead to many harmful effects like respiratory troubles.

The above evidence proves the medical uses of cannabis for the treatment of dystonia. Keep in mind that there are numerous studies carried out to prove the effectiveness of cannabis in treating dystonia. With the use of medical cannabis, large numbers of patients in the states that have legalized the drug have been able to lead a better life.

Medical cannabis is legal in eighteen states in the country and District of Columbia, even though it remains as a schedule one drug under federal laws. The federal government does not recognize its medical uses and thinks that the drug has a high potential for abuse.

In most of these states where medical weed is legal, dystonia falls into the category of diseases like cancer, HIV, etc where a patient could gain access to medical weed. Hence, in these states, the patients with Dystonia have started to rely on the drug.